2014 Rewind

Bitter Sweet 2014. It was a roller coaster ride me, made friends and lost a few..:( was happy to be recognized by Zomato..:) lot of wishes made and few came true prepared the wackiest pasta called it sambar pasta then tasted chicken lalwari had a kick of my life..;) met the cutest tomato called tushita she was so sweet enjoyed every bite..:P met people who made difference thinking out of the box at Firstagro...sailed all the way to fisherman's wharf tasted the humble bibinca a mocktail made from purple cabbage called as electric blue...tasted the best dimsums at Michelin star Yatcha...tasted authentic German beers from District6 drank Mojito out of a Jar the bullet chicken knocked my socks off...prepared the world class gulab jamun which fetched me a 1000 views in one day then converted the jamun to a cupcake with Chef Hafizulla...prepared Egg chilly recieved raving reviews from across the globe heart contented...created a gift basked at food hall and tasted the best beets in town...ate buttery raw prawns at Taj Gardenia and did not fall sick..it was a Birds Eye view from High Ultra lounge where I met the Indian Food Freak...Chole Batura, Cheese sticks and Ghee roast was a heart attack post...Few Conversations over Copper monkey..Chef Samta amused me with her Kuttu Ki Poori and Papaya Chutney...Posted few favorites Mutton Kuzhambu, Gobi 65 and Mutton Pepper Fry...15k Subbies on YT...won 10 million views on G+...Couldn't stop eating at Kabab Studio...Marinates taught by Curry King Patchapman...Sweetest Shot of Kamala Bhoj at Ramada..quite Fascinating longest buffet at Soho...It was fun cookout over a few Bak Baks..Never tasted Gnocchi so good hats off LOFT38...Ammas Dhal Soup is always a hit...Bowled over three bean salad peri peri sauce at Nando's...it was food walk of a life time in frazer town...Fluffy Rainbow Dhoklas at Rasovara...Malpua was a click of a life time...#UnshareMyFries at Macdonalds...Jived with few friends...clean sweep 20 dishes from Rajdhani...tupperware drama...Dads accident...met oggarane dabbi Murali...ammini kozukattai, Chamak Challo were Item numbers...Lovely singh, Nimbu Nariyal Shikangi were quite refreshing...Medu vada's, Bonda soup...Uff there is a lot more waiting for 2015 Thank you so much for following my journey...Wishing everyone Happy New Year.


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